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  Change from ordinary life and take some time for yourself, this is what is getting more and more important during the holidays.

The Domaine de Valmouriane is already the ideal place to relax. Its perfect situation in a 6 ha parc with vineyard and olive trees in the heart of the Alpilles makes it easy to let yourself go.

Now the Domaine de Valmouriane takes also care of your body. In order to rejuvenate yourself and to find back your energy, we now propose different kind of massages, a choice of beauty treatments and relaxing baths.

Well-being at the Domaine de Valmouriane is part of our simplicity and natural way of life. We would like to stimulate your senses. The combination of this magical place and our personnalised choice of relaxing treatments will accompany your journey back to yourself.

Get pampered at the Domaine !





Try one of our relaxing bath treatments in the morning or afternoon in your room. Once you have choosen your essential oil and the incense, we will transform your bathroom in a temple of well-being. The hot water and air and the sensual smell will make you switch of from ordinary life. You release your mind. Once you choose to come back into reality, rab yourself in your thick bathrope and have a cup of fresh mint tea.

Rate: 30 Euros




The candle light bath is happening in the evening, after your dinner in the restaurant. Once back to your room, you will find it illuminated with little candles that show you the way to the bathroom, as well lit by candles. Indulge into a warm foam bath and smell the aromatic oil and incense in the air. A bottle of wine or Champagne makes this the perfect evening.

Candle light bath : 60 Euros, including a bottle of red wine Domaine des Tours
100 Euros, including a bottle of Champagne




The Well-being centre of the Domaine de Valmouriane offers you a variety of services for total relaxation. In order to rejuvenate yourself and to find back your energy, we now propose different kind of massages, a choice of beauty treatments and relaxing baths.

1/2 hour Massage : 50 Euros
1 hour Massage : 90 Euros



  You can choose to get pampered in the privacy of your room, or during the warm days, in a special location outside that we have created for your well-being only and that is close to our swimming pool.

Surrounded by the bambous, in the shadow of our pine forest, you will be comfortably installed on a large massage table and well covered with a linen. A relaxing or stimulating massage of one hour, accompanied by light music will make you forget everything. You will come out fresh and released. Install yourself in one of our chairs clos to the swimming pool with a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice and let this impression of well-being continue to take place in you.

During your stay at the Domaine the Valmouriane, you might want to do something for your beauty. Take the time for a body scrub or a skin treatment. It is such a good feeling to know that you do something for yourself.

Domaine de Valmouriane - Hôtel **** - Restaurant - Petite route des Baux ( D27 ) - 13210 Saint-remy-de-Provence
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