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October 2006
Year 6, Number 21

In this numero :


Brunch at the Domaine
In october, Valmouriane celebrates Germany !
Your present from Domaine de Valmouriane
SPECIAL : Saint Rémy de Provence, village of artists
A footpath in Saint Remy de Provence ”walking trail in Van Gogh world”
Where does the Calisson come from ?
Recipe of chef Pascal VOLLE : Fricassée of Lobster, American Sauce and Fried Raviolis


The autumn is here... It signs the end of the summer and the holidays; nature has red and orange nuances, leaves fall and fly away... But this is not an excuse to be locked up at home !
At Valmouriane, we celebrate the autumn. Cooking classes,special evenings, Wellbeing mornings & afternoons etc. There is always something to do, to discover. And don't forget that the Domaine de Valmouriane is located in the heart of a region that never sleeps...
In our Provence, so small, (and yet crossroads of the world), all those who like this region cross there throughout the year.
Its landscapes, its traditions, its markets, its culture here, certainly more than anywhere, are preserved.
We never rediscover Provence, we discover it each time we come here ; all is always so different there...
The Domaine de Valmouriane, as Provence, it is each time a new experience, a new decoration, a new atmosphere...


Brunch at the Domaine



Brunch, a compromise between savours of a breakfast and those of a lunch. Every Sunday as from October 9, come and taste an original as well as sweetened and salted buffets.

Between viennoiseries (crescents, breads with chocolate, raisin buns...), salads, eggs, desserts... there will be for everyone !
A convivial and greedy appointment to enjoy in family.

And Valmouriane thinks of the children ! Each child will have a Brunch surprise !

Breakfast Brunch : 20 €
Complete Brunch : 30 € (hot drinks and fruit juices included, except alcoholic drinks)
Children (less than 12 years) : 15 €


In october, Valmouriane celebrates Germany !



Your present from Domaine de Valmouriane


Come and taste german specialties !
Special menu with choucroute at 35 € (with german beers)

Friday, october 6th



This year we had a great demand for present coupons for a stay at the Domaine, but as well for a meal in our restaurant.

It is with great pleasure that we prepared indvidualised present coupons pour each guest, depending on his budget.
In order to satisfy your needs even quicker, we are now preparing special coupons of different values for different occasions.

Like this you can directly choose the formula that you like best.

At the same time we are thinking about a special packaging so that your present will be a real original one.

Please ask us for more details.


SPECIAL : Saint Rémy de Provence, village of artists


In just a few years, Saint Remy de Provence has become famous for its creativity, in different domaines, such as painting, sculptures, ceramique or glass works, but as well in the sections of fashion, accessories, or music and jazz.

A quality environment, a strong cultural tradition, the place where creative people and artists from all over the world come to make holiday, the place where artists like to meet, the typical French cafés with their charme, are the favourite points that you can feel once you are on the spot.

Some people don't hesitate to compare Saint Remy de Provence today with the former Saint Germain des Près in Paris.

Vincent van Gogh, who realised more than 150 painting and 100 drawings during his stay in Saint Remy de Provence, already wrote in his letters about the intensity of this place and of the high inspiration that he had found there.

And still today, the artists of Saint Remy are inspired by this very special ambiance.

Régis Chabal, just one of them, is somebody very surprising, unexpected, since many years he paints different styles, with the calm conviction that he has heritated by his ancêtres cévenoles.

He is very attaching, secret, sometimes possessed, but as well open minded and bon vivant, he preserved in his look and his smile something of the child that he once was.

The artist is very demanding, modest, often not satisfied with his work, always attentive not to loose any simple detail that he wanted to show.

However, us the spectator, we could easily get lost in his œuvre, so different and even strange it can be...

The light of the Alpilles in which he lives and works for years already, enabled him to give a hallucinating vision of Les Baux, completely flashed of a yellow sun, blown away by the storm and illuminated by the fire.

With his vigorous strokes, the luminous colours, he keeps in his paintings the magic of this landscape still authentic.

His work is the result of the crash between the artist and this wild nature of the Alpilles.


A footpath in Saint Remy de Provence ”walking trail in Van Gogh world”


UA painting trail illustrated with 21 signposts with reproductions of Van Gogh paintings, chosen among 150 others ,painted by the artist during his stay in Saint Remy de Provence. This tour is an emotional walking trip through the wonderful landscapes which inspired the great impressionist.
During one hour you’ll visit the real and imaginary world of the artist, discovering with emotion the landscapes built by generations of farmers. This tour starts near the Saint Paul de Mausole Asylum where Van Gogh stayed from May 1889 to June1890; goes through the 4 Cantons neighbourhood and ends before the entrance of the Estrine town house which is the van Gogh art centre.

Each panel in enamelled lava are numbered from 1 to 21. They show: the title of the painting, a general map of the trail with the situation of all the following panels. The one you are looking at is indicated with a different shape and colour.

A short note in English and French will help you to understand the painting, the artist and the landscape. You will discover a new Van Gogh: more human, more humble and closer from reality. You will also unearth the sensibility of the man and of the artist.


Where does the Calisson come from ?


This confectionery made up of sweet almonds and candied fruits is a great greedy speciality of Aix-en-Provence. If one believes one of the many versions of the birth of the calisson, it appeared in its modern form about 1473 during the wedding banquet of the second marriage of King Rene. During the meal, the princess who never laughed, tasted this invaluable biscuit ; her smile signed the title of nobility of this delicious biscuit. A courtier asked his neighbor: "That our queen is tasting ?"
" Di Calin soun ", the calisson had just been born. It is already more certain than it will be necessary to await the introduction of almond in Provence during the century XVI and the development of its trade to see its manufacture becoming extensive. During the century XIX, the first factories of calissons are created and at the beginning of the century XX, Aix in Provence is the capital of the almond trade.

Manufacture of the calissons... Its manufacture preserved its original character and is carried out in 2 stages:
Preparation of the paste & Raising of the calissons The almonds are cleaned then crushed with crystallized melons and added with fruit syrup in a proportion of 1/3 of almonds for 2/3 of fruits and syrup. The whole is coated with a sheet of host for the base and covered with sugar.



Recipe of chef Pascal VOLLE : Fricassée of Lobster, American Sauce and Fried Raviolis

Les ingrédients :

1) Prepare lobster: make a bouillon with one carrot, one leek, a handle of salt and three spoons with white vinegar soup. Cook lobster in this bouillon during 10 minutes. During this time, peel carrots, wash leek, peel onion, the cloves of garlic and the shallot. Cut as Julienne carrots and leek. Cook à l'étuvé with a knob of butter. Engrave the cloves of garlic and shallot. Drain lobsters and peel them. Keep the heads to make sauce.

2) Prepare sauce : In a pan, cook the onion, the carrot, two garlics and lobster heads. After colouring, flame with the cognac, add the white wine, the tomato puree and thyme. Wet with water. Let cook until three quarters reduction.
After reduction, add the cream and let reduce half again. To pass to Chinese and to reserve for the heat in a Marie bath.

3) Apportion lobster: Cut lobsters in medallions (a half lobster per person). Put them in a dish. Add a little water put a few minutes in your heater.

4) Prepare the raviolis: take the squares of paste, put in the center the lobster cracks obtained with the rammers. Put a little spinach with cream. Close them and fry in hot oil. Sponge and put it in a plate.

5) Presentation: in a soup plate, put the cooked vegetable, the medallions. Mix the sauce and napper the lobster. Put the raviolis.

Enjoy your meal !

For 4 people:
- 4 Carrots
- 2 Leeks
- 1 furnished Bouquet
- 2 Lobsters of approximately 600 gr.
- Salt
- White Vinegar
- Butter
- 1 thyme Branch
- 2 Spoons with soup of tomato puree
- Cognac
- 4 Cloves of garlic
- 1 dl of white Wine
- 1 Shallot
- 4 Squares of Chinese raviolis paste
- 100 g. of Spinach
- 1 Egg



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