Sea Bass baked in a salt crust

For two people

-Sea Bass
-2 dried fennel twigs
-1 bulb fennel
-3 sprigs of Tarragon
-2 sprigs of anis
-2 sprigs of parsley
-2 sprigs of flat parsley
-500g of flour
-200g of "gros sel"
-4 egg whites
-100g sugar


Make the crust : mix flour, sugar, salt and chopped herbs, add the egg whites and beat, leave for 2 hours


Scale and empty the fish, wash and dry well.
Put dry fennel, 1 sprig of Tarragon and sliced fennel
in fish. Do not salt, just pepper.


Divide the crust into 2 pieces. Flatten : 0.5cm thick, 30cm long and 30 cm wide. Put on fish and cover with 2nd piece. Shape into fish if you like, sealing the crust with beaten egg yolk mixed with a little water with which you will brush the fish crust. Put in oven at 250C for 15mn and leave for ten afterwards.


Remove the fish and fillet it. Do not eat the crust.


Serve with steamed vegetables, butter lemon sauce
Or just some olive oil.

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