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The Domaine de Valmouriane has created its Cooking School "L'Ecole Gourmande" already in 2003. The success has been that strong that today, the cooking classes have different approaches: local people that come for a daily cooking class or foreign guests that stay for several days to do the cooking classes, but also several gastronomic excursions with Philippe Capel.

L'Ecole Gourmande is already very well known in the region, but also gets a larger clientele from abroad, such as the United States or Japan. Of course the cooking classes can be held in either French or English or with a professional interpreter.

Each year the Domaine de Valmouriane prepares a detailed program of the menus that will be prepared per week-end. Like this the guests can choose their preferred themes and organise themselves to come. The cooking class always consists of an entrance, a main course and a dessert.

L'Ecole Gourmande proposes gift vouchers, a subscription of 5 courses, or cooking classes during a seminar in order to motivate or stimulate the team.

Guests that participate at a minimum of three classes with the Chef, get a special diploma, the Culinary Certificate !

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